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Proud Grandkids


“Will our grand-kids be proud of us like we are of our ancestors?”


Two days ago I went to shop for at a shopping mall where my attention was caught by six self scan and pay machines. Two employees of the mall, a young girl and a young boy, stood their dutifully watching the customers scan their goods and make their payments. There were smiles of contentment on their faces as they made sure nobody duped their employers and do away with goods without paying. Perhaps, the smiles reflected a sense a pride as well, pride that their shopping mall is top of the list in using latest technology. But I was thinking something else. I was wondering, “Who are these machines going to replace there?”


The two young kids were too young to realize the six machines they are feeling proud of just reduced the need of four of their staff.


Today I am not going to answer the question I’ve raised, the one in italics above. I will rather ask you some more questions and leave the onus of finding the right answer on your shoulders.


đ For Aussies: If the brave Aussie diggers had thought, “F.. the country! I don’t want to die!” How would the spirit of Gallipoli that we are all so proud of today have been born? What would we have to feel proud of?

đ For Indians: If Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Subash Chandra Bose, Chandrashekhar Azad, Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad, and others like them hadn’t raised their hands and stood up to do what they did, would we have been able to call ourselves free today or have been born in a free world?

đ For Americans: If your ancestors hadn’t gallantly fought the Civil War, would your society been as equal as it is today? Could Mr Obama have become the President of USA?

đ For South Africans: If Nelson Mandela had sat at home with his arms folded and chair rocking back and forth, would South Africa have ever come out of apartheid?

Today we feel proud of our ancestors as they did what needed to be done to fix what they saw was wrong with the society. Today if we find ourselves living in a better world it is because our ancestors and grand-parents did the right thing for us.


đ To everyone: Will any or our grandkids feel proud of us that we did the right thing? Are we going to leave our posterity a better world?

If you honestly answer this question written above, you will automatically get the answer for the one that I asked in italics above.


I don’t know about your posterity but if I survive to have one of my own, I am sure they will be proud that I tried my best to give them a better world.


Those who are born retards and don’t understand simple English and doubt my intentions, read the following page again and you will know how I am not even interested in holding a position in a Government at any level in Australia. Both as a President of Always Shine Australia Party, and also even if I quit the Presidency subsequently, I am not even entitled to stand in an election on ASAP ticket simply because I wasn’t born and brought up in Australia.


Equalism and ASAP


I firmly believe that only those people who are born in a country and have been brought up in it have the right to stand for a public office. Infact personally I would prefer to extend the restriction to as far as third generation. There are two reasons for it.


1.    People who are citizens by birth have the moral right as well as the real sense of belonging to a place, and these increase as we move down the posterity ladder. Equally important is to get education in a school that exists and services the community that person intends to lead as schools are the breading ground where people learn their culture and values. And this is important to be a good leader as the person really feels for the community he comes from and knows what the community feels, desires and needs. I would also insist on a minimum education up to a college degree in the country of birth and a further minimum of Post Graduation degree to be eligible to be a leader. Even better situation is when a person completes his studies in one single lot as a young student, not as a returning student with other burdens on shoulders like family and work. A person who studies as much as post graduation spends a lot of time amongst intellectual community consisting of learned professors, teachers and peers which develops every person’s reasoning skills and cognitive ability. This happens because such interactions occur during a phase of life that is free from the burden of domestic and work lives, hence un-maligned.

2.    Second reason is, coming from India I don’t like the thought of a foreign born respected Ms Sonia Gandhi leading India as she is not an Indian. I don’t consider either of her kids to be the right candidates to lead India as well simply because they were not brought up in India. And when I cannot stand them leading India, how can I even dream to lead Australia even if I am an Australia Citizen?

And two things more for those who doubt my intentions:

A.  “Do you people even realize, for someone whom no one supports, to what risk I am putting my life and liberty at as I fight for you the betterment of this society?”

B.   “Capitalism, Privatization and Market Takeover are malignant tumors of the Western society which have slowly and slowly destroyed the fabric of Western societies. These tumors are suffocating the very societies they were born in and have eradicated nearly all resistance in such societies, namely trade unions. People are on the verge of losing their liberties and future of their grandkids. But what I hate is how these tumors have now started infecting beautiful and peaceful places like India, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil and other third world countries. In order to save my motherland INDIA, I will have to weed these out of the very societies they were born in.”

That is why I am fighting this battle, even if all alone. Let us see who wakes up and understands the meaning and importance of each and every word I say.


Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss,

Amanpreet Singh Rai



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