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Dated: 2nd March, 2011


Ms Angela Gerace,

Adviser to Minister for Transport,

Parliament House,

Adelaide, South Australia.



Subject: Reply to the letter dated 11th February, 2011-02-20


Dear Ms Gerace,


Thanks for taking time out to reply to my letter that was originally addressed to the Premier Mr Mike Rann.


However let me assure you Ms Gerace, it wasn’t sent with the intention of soliciting a reply with no significance, least of all, with all due respect to you and the authority your positions provides to you, from a third person who has no say in policy matters.


I will be writing another letter to Premier Mr Mike Rann but on another yet similar subject. However through this one I would like to share my view point with the honourable Minister for Transport. Please kindly forward the matter in italics to the honourable minister.


“Dear Mr Minister, the reason I wrote that letter to the Premier was to explain to him and through him to his government and Council of Ministers as to how the privatisation of various organisations has seriously affected the lives of ordinary people. My request to the Premier was not to intervene into the functioning of a private organisation and comment on or alter their pay structure


My request to him was to de-privatize and re-overtake organizations that come under the purview of Government, which includes state transport. I explained very clearly how it will benefit the ordinary people who voted for him, his ministers, and his party in the previous two elections.


After I sent the letter to the Premier and shared it with my colleagues I was asked by my company to explain my actions and to write that I was under some sort of wrong impression.


I chose to quit!


I am a man of my principles and words. I am someone who would rather die doing something right than live an injustice like a coward.


I wish to inform you, I have floated a new political party “Always Shine Australia Party (ASAP). I firmly believe present regimes and political leaders, irrespective of their party loyalties are not working for the benefit of the ordinary man, the man who votes for them in every election. I will strive to provide a change as well as a new social structure to Australia, without fighting any election or holding any office myself other than the office of my party.”


Thanks a lot for your time Ms Gerace.





Amanpreet Singh Rai,


Always Shine Australia Party,

1/269 Henley Beach Road,

Brooklyn Park, SA 5032

Website: www.fatalurgecarefreekiss.com

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