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Dated: 13th December, 2010


Premier Mr Mike Rann,

Parliament House,

North Terrace,

Adelaide SA 5000


Subject: Regarding De-privatisation of former public sector undertakings in public interest


Dear Sir,


I am a naturalized citizen of Australia living in the electoral district of Hindmarsh. The reason for me writing this piece is to bring to your notice the negative side of privatisation of what used to be public sector undertakings. To shed some more light on the reasons for me writing this piece, with due respect I would like to inform you that I am an employee of one such undertaking that is contracted by the South Australian government to run a service. I am a bus driver with Southlink and am attached to their Pooraka depot.


You must be aware of the fact that in a few months time from now the contracts for the Adelaide Metro services are coming up for renewal. There is every chance that the present companies namely, Torrens Transit, Southlink and Transit Plus will get the contracts renewed and as much a chance some other company may take over. Irrespective of the final outcome, as a part of the procedure the current companies are required to negotiate the remunerations for the same with the drivers in a democratic fashion. However what these negotiations have brought to the front is the ugly side of privatisation. All I have realized is that we as drivers are the oneís who work hard driving the buses on the roads and we are the oneís whose benefits are neglected the most. The companies are more interested in increasing the margin of profit for the big businessmen who own these companies contracting government work while the actual worker is being made to work for peanuts. This forced me to think deeply on the issue and what I have realized is what I am sharing with you.


Sir, every government undertaking whose reigns has been transferred to private ownership in the form of contracts with the intention of cutting costs, the costs may or may not have been cut, me as an ordinary citizen out of bounds and lacking time for the thorough inspection of data for all the decades prior to privatisation and since privatization cannot comment on that. But one thing I can say for sure, and it is rooted in the fact that I have discussed this thing with other fellow drivers who have worked under the government ownership as well, is that the only thing that has been cut is the salary or take home pay of the actual worker doing the job, the driver.


Sir, if saving money is the idea and cutting the salary of poor working class men and women is the answer then that can be achieved without privatisation as well, and in such a scenario the ordinary poor man can still have a marginally better pay package than what the bloke will get under private ownership and it will still cost the same to the government and the government will still earn the same tax.


Sir, the logic is simple, every department will still require the same staff and workers to plan and run the organisation as they need now, say for example the people who plan and organize bus services, the people who drive those buses, the people who fix those buses, but the government by de-privatising or re-overtaking the service can improve their pay package. The money that is going to go into the chauffers of middlemen, that is the private organisation owners, can actually be distributed among the workers doing the job. Say if a businessman was to win the contract for running the buses, he will still need the same people to run the services as the government would need, but he will be making a lot of profit that will fatten his bank balance. By taking the bus services under the government command, the money that would have otherwise ended in his bank account can be added to the pay packages of those who will be doing the real work. The same principle applies to every other government sector that has been privatised.


Sir, if you look at the cost of living as well as commodities and real estate, the interest rates on mortgages, car loans and personal loans, all you will find is that the ordinary people are being squeezed out of cash. We are being taxed as well as fleeced. We donít get paid enough for our jobs in the first place so that the businessmen can make more profit, then the government taxes us over it. And the taxes always seem to go up. And then, every time there is a recession, it is ordinary men and women who are relieved from their jobs to struggle with their lives while the businessmen who made all the money while ordinary people worked hard for them, they have enough in their accounts to feed their next ten generations. Now the banks have raised interest on loans as well. I took a personal loan of 10K bucks from my bank about six months back. In six months the bank has increased the rate of interest three times. Now it is at 15% per annum. Where will all this money go? The bank employees all will still be withdrawing the same salary. Has the government and business community decided that they are going to crush the ordinary man into pieces? Or are we going to be left with just enough breaths and life to survive another day and linger on like dying dogs?


Sir, I understand itís the big businessmen who group together to fund election campaigns. But why do politicians forget that it is the ordinary men and women who vote in those elections? Why are we made to suffer for putting politicians in high ranking positions?


Sir, in the interest of common ordinary man and his family, I suggest and request the government to retake the controls of everything that has been privatised and help the ordinary families by easing stress on their budgets by increasing their take home pay.


Sir, I request you to give due consideration to what I have proposed in this letter. I will be sharing this letter not just with my colleagues but also with those who work for Torrens Transit, as well as a copy will be sent to various newspapers, television and radio channels and Members of Parliament from other political parties. The drivers, their wives, their neighbours and everybody who will hear about this letter will be looking up to you for a reply with baited breaths.


Sir, please stand up for the ordinary people who have voted for you.




Amanpreet Singh Rai,

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Email: fatalurgecarefreekiss@yahoo.com




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