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Dated: 4th March, 2011


Mr Mike Rann,


South Australia.


Subject: Regarding small business of Cab industry.


Dear Sir,


This is my second letter in your service, the first one being the one in which I requested you to re-take over the control of former government sector undertakings in public interest. I explained to you with reasons how privatisation has had a negative effect on the financial situation of hard working community of South Australia and also explained how de-privatising those industries will benefit the ordinary people, yet harm the Government interest in no way.


I sent that letter, not to solicit a response just for the sake of it, nor was it sent because of my liking for writing long letters like retired people. My intention was to give the government an opportunity to set right what has been done wrong over the last two decades. If a mistake has been made in history, it is imprudent to continue living with it and not do anything to rectify it. Privatisation was a mistake committed by governments much before your government came to power but by virtue of your position, Mr Premier you can set the wrong right.


I did receive a reply from Minister of Transport’s secretary and I have forwarded my response as well. The Ministry expressed helplessness at being able to effect any changes in the pay structure of a private organisation.


Mr Premier, I didn’t ask the government to interfere in a private organisation’s functioning on behalf of the workers. When that is needed the workers will themselves take the organisation to respective courts. All I humbly requested the government was that please de-privatise the former government but currently under private administration organisations so that the money that goes into private coffers could be added to the take home salaries of those who do the actual work in those organisations. Perhaps the mistake must have been in my syntax and phrase.


Anyway Mr Premier, you government might not be in a position or willing to do what I requested it to but I was asked by my company administration to explain my actions. I was asked to give in writing that I was under some kind of wrong impression and what I said was not right.


I chose to quit!


Mr Premier, I am a man of my principles and words who would rather die for what he considers is right than live through an injustice like a coward. However the entire episode is a perfect example of how ordinary workers have lost their right to even bring to notice the lacunae which is a pathetic sign for any society and a fuel for change of social structure.


Mr Premier, I have decided to form my own political party and hand pick Aussie born and brought up educated men and women to lead a change in guard at all levels. On 1st March, 2011 I declared the foundation of “Always Shine Australia Party” through a video on my youtube channel “thestrangeruknew” and its’ basic charter is available on its’ FaceBook page “AsapAustralia”. I did tweet about the same to Madam Julia Gillard, Mr Tony Abbot, Mr Kevin Rudd, and yourself but I am not sure considering the number of replies you must be getting everyday, if that came to your notice.


Anyhow, the purpose of me writing this letter to you is to bring to your notice what ails the Cab industry because at this moment I drive cabs to make my living. If I wasn’t a good citizen who wants to be a productive member of the Australian society, let me assure you Mr Premier, I will be as good on dole as much I make driving cabs, and considering that I am a citizen, it won’t be too bad. But as I said, I am a man of principles.


I am writing this letter to you because you and your party are the ones who run the government at the moment and the only ones who can actually make a difference. What I intend to do might or might not happen, or soon enough. So I am doing what I can think is best at the moment. The choice once again will lie with your government. So here is the crux of the matter.


The basic problem with cab industry is cab drivers are working for peanuts with no retirement benefits in place. Let me take my example before I explain it in detail.


After I quit my job I took up driving a cab to make both ends meet. I worked five shifts (including Friday and Saturday nights) for a total of 60 hours (12 hours per shift). At the end of all that hard work the money I ended up with in my pocket was around $500-550 per week. This money includes roughly $50 of GST and another $100 of tax, so basically, $400 for my self.


With this kind of big money involved Mr Premier, how do you expect a cab driver to own his own home or support a family?


I realized cab driving is not going to give me any decent life leave alone making me a millionaire. So I’ve picked the cab up for a 5 night lease. Now I pay a fixed amount of $600 to the owner. The gas is on me and whatever I can make is mine. I work 40 hours every week now and I make $400 only. That includes about $39 GST and another $60 of tax (Rough estimate).


Mr Premier, I can go on Centrelink payments and get $375 every week for doing nothing. Could you please give me one good reason why I should continue working and why should every other cab driver? I will give you three reasons right now as to why I still prefer to work.


Firstly, as I said earlier, I am an honest man who wants to be a productive member of the society he lives in, rather than being a leech on society. The second reason I work is that I have a private health insurance which I’ll have to forgo if I went on Centrelink payments. Thirdly, my credit rating will plummet. But I hope you get the zest of what I mean over here.


Now what are the reasons for this mess?


With all due respect to democracy and capitalism (something that I have come to hate now), I can understand the government is greedy and wants to milk everything out of ordinary man but there has to be some limit.


How many cab drivers own hospitals and employ doctors or lease those hospitals to doctors?


How many cab drivers own law firms and lease offices to legal firms?


How many cab drivers own businesses that have got nothing to do with cab industry, and then lease those businesses to others?


And now Mr Premier;


How many cab drivers own the taxi plates, something that belongs to their own business, something which is a small business meant to be owned by the one who runs it?


Every year the Government brings out a few taxi plates which increases the number of cabs on the road, even though the Government is well aware, “There are more cabs on the road than what would give the drivers a decent earning.” Perhaps some more plates will be released this year as well. But that is not the worst part.


The worst is, no driver who actually drives on road can afford to buy those plates which are the most important requirement of his business (without them a cab cannot be on the road) because they cost so much. Their market value is more than $300K. And that is not all the Government makes. There is a $1300 registration fees for every three months. How much money does the Government need? The Government is the biggest leech on the hard working ordinary man, the man who votes in elections to elect it.


Anyway, thanks to the pricing the cab drivers cannot own taxi plates, that is, they cannot be the real owners of their own “Very Small Business”.  And those who own those taxi plates, for example, doctors, lawyers and other rich people who can afford to, they make money by overpricing the plate lease money and why shouldn’t they? After all it’s another man’s small business that they have bought to make profit. But who has to bear the brunt? No prizes for guessing, the poor driver who actually drives those cabs. The shift lease money he has to pay the owner increases, which is fair as the owner’s costs increase too. While on one hand are individuals who do nothing to run the cab industry yet make money out of it, and then there are those who actually work hard every day, every night and yet cannot make enough money to run their household.


So what is the solution? I won’t consider myself a fair and honest individual if I won’t provide the solution to an issue I will raise.


Firstly, the taxi plates should only be owned by the person who drives cabs full time like a proper job. He should be allowed to have one or two or even three drivers to run the other shifts for him as long as he drives five shifts every week himself. If he can’t, he shouldn’t be allowed to own a taxi plate. Yes, he should be allowed to have a four week holiday every year and ten days of sick leave like any other job.


Secondly, the registration amount should not be back breaking. Considering the cost of keeping the cab clean (else the drivers get fined), and other upkeep expenses, the registration should be no more than two times that of a regular vehicle.


Thirdly, the GST thing should be done away with so that the taxi driver ends with more money in his pocket. The point is, even if the taxi driver won’t pay GST, the Government will still get its’ share in the form of sales tax levied on the items a driver will purchase from the market, and offcourse the Tax he will pay as such.


Fourthly, the Government should set up a superannuation scheme for the cab drivers on the lines of that for regular employees of other organisations. Whatever amount the driver deposits in the account by himself, the Government should add the same amount to his account, or if that sounds too much then at least 50% of it. Just because someone is a cab driver, he shouldn’t be punished by not being allowed to have a decent retirement or being forced to work long after the age he should have started resting.


Fifthly, every cab driver should be provided a government sponsored private health cover, as well as a salary cover. Cab drivers don’t earn that much to have a healthy dependable bank balance on their own and like any other human being are susceptible to health issues. Medicare is not enough.


Mr Premier, you government can start with not releasing anymore taxi plates, re-buying all the taxi plates and passing a legislation that only a permanent taxi driver can own a taxi plate, and then subsequently resell the taxi plates to drivers via a lottery system, with each plate costing no more than a nominal $1000($1K). We don’t want to own hospitals, law firms and other businesses, nor can we afford to do so. We also don’t want other people to own “Our Small Business”.


One again Mr Premier, the ball is in your Government’s court.


If my words sound harsh or judgemental in anyway, my sincere apologies Mr Premier but I would like to share with you something about me, “I have no kindness left in me!”


Why I say that, for that you will have to visit the help section of my website www.fatalurgecarefreekiss.com to know what I have been put through by racists.


I am not sharing this with you because I need your sympathy or help.


There was a time when I asked everyone that I could, for help, including then Prime Minister Mr Kevin Rudd (I have put all that evidence on my website and I will question Mr Rudd one day very soon in the next couple of months why Assange was worthy of getting help while I was not), and scores of media organisations. The proof is all on my website. But no one came to my help.


Now I have decided to fight my own battles on my own and I have promised myself that I won’t rest until I get my culprits punished. And I will do it without anyone’s help. And I say this not out of ego or disrespect to anyone, but out of self-confidence, the self-confidence that has not only kept me alive in spite of all the terrible times I went through but also kept me away from drugs, alcohol and other bad things.


However Mr Premier, I have made a conscious decision that if I am going to fight for myself, I may as well fight for a greater cause, for the cause of ordinary people. As I mentioned, I have founded my own political party, “Always Shine Australia Party”. Just to mention a few aims and objectives of my party:


Firstly, to convert Australian Democracy from Capitalism to Equalism through the democratic processes of referendum and legislation: You can find the definition and explanation of Equalism on my party’s official page on facebook:




Secondly, I do not support the Imperialistic invasion of Asia for pleasing western Oil and Gun lobbies. I want to withdraw Aussie participation from the war with immediate effect and start an unconditional peace dialogue with those we have made enemies by meddling in their internal affairs. Mr Premier, there are people on the street who have audacity to tell me and other people of Indian origin, “Go back to your own country.” They hate us even though we work hard and are peaceful productive members of the society. Compare this to the situation where our men have gone to their countries wielding guns, killed their men, (including some innocent men, women and children, even if accidentally or in cross fire, or by mistake identity), their homes, offices, hospitals, roads, schools all have been ripped apart by our bombs and missiles, and above all, we are putting guns to their heads and telling them whom to elect to lead them just because those people are friendlier to us. How can we expect to win peace with them? How can we expect them to love us? Is this not another form of Holocaust where Muslims are being targeted? Ain’t we using our media to promote hatred towards them so as to justify our military action against them?


I am well aware that more than 3500 people lost their lives in 911, more than 150 in Bali Bombings, many hundreds in London bombings, Russian bombing, Mumbai attacks and many other places. Let us just say nearly 50,000 people have lost their lives in terrorist attacks.


Those who justify this military invasion, I want to ask them:


“If you want revenge for all those killings, who will give revenge to the fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters and friends of 100,000 Iraqis who died in the 1991 Gulf war?”


“Who will give revenge to those who have lost someone or the other in the wars raged on their soil since then?”


“Who will give revenge to those whose homes, schools, cities have been destroyed?”


If there is one thing about people of Asia, especially Rajputs and Sikhs from India, Pathans from Pakistan and Afghanistan, Japanese, Chinese and Muslims from Middle East, “No one can put a gun to their heads and tell them, we want peace!” There will never be peace in such a scenario. These people are the people who live, die and kill for honour and prestige. Money means nothing, threats mean nothing. That is the reason why people like Bin Laden can so easily influence so many to die for them.


If world wants peace with them, then armies will have to be first withdrawn and the peace will have to be offered without any conditions. And they will listen. But not with cannons outside their homes and guns at their heads!


Where was this global terrorism before Mr George Bush (Senior) ordered invasion of Iraq and killed 100,000 Iraqis just to save his own business interests and those of the oil businessmen who supported his political party in elections?


India always had terrorism problems before that because of our not so friendly relationships with Pakistan whose government sponsored extremism in Punjab and Kashmir. That was a time when US had good relations with Pakistan and it openly provided financial and military aide to Pakistan in spite of Indian government shouting hoarse at the top of its’ voice that it was wrong.


Anyway, I am sure that is none of Australia’s concern, but what I am pointing out here is, that trying to seek revenge will only generate hatred. “Peace cannot be reaped from seeds of hatred!”


Unless offcourse each and every Muslim including their women and infant kids are killed as well. Else they will only grow up to hate those who killed their kind.


However, I know all this concerns the least to South Australian Government but I can assure you Mr Premier, I will be writing two letters to President Barack Obama as well, explaining all this in a lot more detail and demanding justice for those 100,000 Iraqi’s. That is the only way left to calm their anguish. Similar efforts need to be made with people of Afghanistan and other Muslim nations to instil confidence in them that the whole world is not an enemy of their race.


It’s not that I am saying we are all wrong. I strongly condemn the killing of innocent people  in the name of religion or race, and being a Sikh whose kind were killed in anti-Sikh riots in 1984, I strongly oppose anyone who incites racial, religious or regional hatred.


Peace cannot be a one handed clap.


I have made videos for brothers and sisters belonging to Muslim religion, telling them to give up arms and take to peace and also how they cannot win the war using guns. I will make some more videos on similar lines. But our responsibility is much more than them. They feel no one stood by them when their kind was killed in Iraq, and now everyone wants them to be dead because of a few idiots who thought they were revenging the wrongs done against their race.


Our responsibility is bigger!


Anyway Mr Premier, I think I have shared all that I intended to share with you at this moment. And I assure you, I rather prefer actual ground action rather than pointless replies.





Amanpreet Singh Rai,


Always Shine Australia Party,

1/269 Henley Beach Road,

Brooklyn Park, SA 5032

Ph: +61 43 023 5589

Email: fatalurgecarefreekiss@yahoo.com

Website: www.fatalurgecarefreekiss.com



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