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“Real patriots always exhibit intense passion. Doomed is a nation that considers such true sons as mentally imbalanced.”

People like Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar, Uddham Singh, and Subash Chandra Bose were real passionate about what they believed in. To an ordinary man they would have in fact appeared as mentally insane, for the ideas, visions and passion they had, would have scared any lesser mortal. When someone talks about changing the future of the society even if it costs them their lives, people tend to think they have gone mad, for who wants to die for the society? Is it worth losing your own life for people who don’t even care? But then, this passion is what defines a patriot. But being a patriot does not mean being mentally inept. In fact patriots are always much more intelligent and compassionate than normal people. This is why they are able to see the truth behind the scenes, predict future, and are impassioned by the thought of their beloved society being subject to the hardships it doesn’t deserve. This is why they fight!

To give you an example of brilliance from Bhagat Singh’s life; after he had smoke bombed the parliament and courted arrest, one of his former associates betrayed the patriots and turned a prosecution witness in the Government’s case against him. During the hearing of the case in an open court, he allegedly told the court how he had seen Bhagat Singh making an actual killing bomb with his own hands. Bhagat Singh contested his claim and asked him to prove it by telling the court what exactly he saw him do. The idiot explained in detail the bomb making process to the open court. Once he was done, and even the judge wasn’t intelligent enough to stop him, Bhagat Singh chided both the court and the witness as to how they have just taught the public how to make a bomb at home, and how people everywhere will be making bombs at home now. So technically, he not only shared the bomb making process with the whole world, but also avoided breaking any law at the same time, such was the genius of Bhagat Singh.

And who doesn’t know of the escape of Subash Chandra Bose from the House arrest in Calcutta and subsequent escape to Japan, to raise an army that almost marched down to Delhi except for the lack of resources and co-ordination. Could an idiot or mentally insane person have accomplished any of those feats? Could an imbecile have travelled all the way to London even after having served a jail sentence in India, and then tracked down General O’Dyer, to shoot him down in his own town, in front of his own people, just like O’Dyer had ordered to be done to peacefully gathered thousands of innocent women, children and elderly in Jallianwala Bagh, that too when he had always been tailed by intelligence like a shadow, like Uddham Singh did? A patriot may be visibly passionate about his beliefs, for his passion is bound to his love for his motherland, but it in no way means he is insane, or drunk.

Now let us discuss everything that is happening in the Indian politics at this moment.

  1. Food security bill: Just an eye-wash my dear friends! What is food security? The government will buy food items at market prices, and then resell them to ordinary people at a cheaper price. What does it mean? It means the government will be losing money it collects in the form of taxes and public sector undertakings’ income, by providing a subsidy on food. In other words; it will add to the annual budgetary deficit. But is this really a gift from a kind Government? Far from it, India has been tricked all over again. The subsidy ordinary people will get on food in the form of food security bill is the subsidy that has been taken away from petroleum products; diesel, petrol, kerosene etc. So the government has taken money out of your own pocket, and gifted it back to you. And you know what’s the worst part of this all? The rising cost of petroleum products means the production and transportation cost of everything including food items will increase (agricultural implements run on diesel/petrol, the produce is harvested and then marketed in vehicles running on diesel/petrol, and stored in stores that are electricity extensive). So the cost of everything including food will go up, which means, not only will you be paying a higher price for food items even after subsidy, but also for everything else. Who’s the loser here?

  2. Falling Rupee: FDI, as I’ve mentioned time and again, is not only a way of selling the interests of ordinary Indians, but India has really been sold cheap. Falling Rupee is not just a way of increasing the buying power of foreign investors (selling Indian market share cheap), but also a way of bringing down the running costs of their existing investments like BPOs, manufacturing units etc. How does that work, you will ask? Well, let’s say the salary of the employees working in these multi-national company outlets was Rs 15,000 seven years ago, and has gone up to Rs 25,000 now (I don’t have the real figures, so just making a guess here as both figures appear extremely lucrative for Indian conditions). At Rs 40 per dollar, and Rs 60 per dollar, these figures mean the MNCs were paying each employee USD 2.44 per hour, for a seven hour working day, over a twenty two day working month (5 working days every week), and are paying USD 2.71 today. So as much as the salary jump appears in this case (66% in Indian Rupee), their cost has increased only by a trifle. Compare this to the minimum USD 10+ that would cost them were they to run their shop from US, or USD 19+ in Australia. For the increase in your salaries, you’ve paid the price in the way of rising cost of living. So is the Indian Government working for Indian interests? Has the Indian opposition raised any such points, including the big opportunist who is being currently promoted by the media (more on this below)? And do you think those who couldn’t even be loyal to their own motherlands will be loyal to you? They brought in jobs first to entice you, so that you won’t complain when they will buy out your motherland all over again. You are forgetting one thing; the imperialist administrations might have folded at the end of WW-II, but the imperial businesses never left the colonies. They first secured their interests, and are now spreading their venom again. They don’t even care for their own people, what class and category are you? Ask the people who’ve worked for Holdens in Australia all their lives, or those who were working in the call centres that were moved to India! And I assure you, once the running costs will rise, these jobs will move to Sri Lanka, then Africa, then South America, and then back to US/Aus, for by that time people in these nations will be poor enough to work for that kind of money (Posterity says thank you, for you brought the jobs back!).

  3. The game that’s unfolded: So an opportunist man hijacked the so called “Cause of life” of a fragile elderly crusader, to launch his political career. Then he raised a campaign blowing away a ruling party, calling it out for corruption. And when the people finally voted the corrupt party out, the opportunist, after a bit of drama, joined hands with the same corrupt party he fought against, just so that he can make the government! And all this time, media left no stone unturned to provide him all the publicity he needed (Compare this to me who had been writing blogs, making videos on much wider ranging issues even before the elderly man woke up, and have written to media outlets, students unions across the globe). Barely a few days down in the government, what does the opportunist do; blow a hole in the budget by following the same people pleasing eye-wash policies of the political parties since times immemorial. Goes on to show not only how dishonest this man has always been, but also his huge lack of intelligence or vision for a stronger future of the nation. Had he been an honest man, he would have forwarded unconditional support to the party that was favoured by the voters more than his own, and preferred to sit in the opposition and be constructive. But what is the real game here? Yes my dear friends, all is not what it seems, and the truth comes out when you ask the real question; how will this drama effect the voters’ mind? My dear friends; the man is nothing but a political puppet, much like the elderly crusader whose movement he stole. He has been used to secure the future of the dynasties that have been ruling India like the Mughals since Independence. His actions will make people of India averse to trying any new leaders, for they will find it hard to trust anyone else, for they will think everyone is as corrupt as the politicians they already have. Thus the power will stay in the hands of the same influential few, and India will continue to suffer.

  4. Where does BJP stand? For a party that privatised the best and most profitable public sector undertaking, “Maruti Udyog”, for a party who prefers radicals than real sons as leaders (Think about it, what would happen of India if every Indian became a radical; Hindu radical, Sikh radical, Muslim radical, Christian Radical, Mongoloid radical in case of eastern states, Tamil radical, Maratha radical etc?), for a party whose current leader claims to represent India but whose own state has discriminated against Sikh farmers, and he hasn’t even shown the magnanimity to be a true leader and embrace them when he clearly seeks Sikh votes in Punjab, BJP has not my vote of approval (and I didn’t even mention Gujrat riots anywhere here).

  5. Congress and Nehru-Gandhi dynasty:
    Perhaps Indians have become so used to being ruled by someone, they cannot think beyond dynasties anymore. Democracy, or self governance, is not for Indians perhaps! Perhaps slavery has really seeped into Indian blood. From Gharid dynasty to the Mughals and then the British, Indians have only been at the wrong end of the whip throughout history. And I won’t just make heavy statements here. For all that I have already stated about the policies of the Congress government, let me just point out how for the last five years I have only been reading and hearing that Manmohan Singh was merely a front-man, while the real shots were being called by the Gandhi family. And now that the elections are near, suddenly Manmohan Singh is the reason of all evil, while Gandhi family is the saviour of India. If Rahul Gandhi was so honest and really felt for Indians, why didn’t he raise his voice for five years when his own party’s government could have been stopped from following wrong policies? Does he only wake up at elections, like a Kumbhkaran? Perhaps we should start thinking about his sister, who resembles Late Mrs Gandhi, the one who imposed emergency to save her government, the one who ordered the attack on Golden Temple without even foreseeing the consequences or looking for a better alternative, the one whose son allegedly bought cheaper guns at heavier price. If Congress is to be believed, there is no other man or women better than them in the over 1.2 billion strong Indian population, leave alone the Congress (reflects upon the quality of the Congress cadre if you get the dig). Perhaps we should just do away with democracy. It will save a lot of money otherwise wasted on elections, because honestly, if not these elections or the next ones, you are ultimately going to vote for a Gandhi anyway.

If I can openly take on Sikh radicals when Punjab was nearly set ablaze a few months back, and no Indian, Aussie or American ever supported or promoted me, I am man enough to save my motherland on my own. I don’t need cowards! Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter who Indians vote for in 2014, the next five years are going to be your punishment for ditching the patriots. And if I quit my pursuits in that time, even God won’t be able to save your future, for there is none!

Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss “Amanpreet Singh Rai”


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