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Truth About Me


Holla Peace Makers,

This is a special piece to answer the tricks of a certain group played over the last two days. Since it was going to be a long talk, I’ve decided to put it on my website.

1.  I will never work for anyone against anyone:

It’s been nearly three months now that I’ve been struggling for funds. I am running nearly $1600 short in my budget at the moment. But the kind of a person I am, I’d happily go bankrupt and end on street than do what is contrary to my principles. However, over the last three days, more so last night, it was made amply clear to me by a certain unknown group that my financial worries will be taken care of if I work for an unknown cause. I am guessing these people are from the “Anti-American” group.

Let me put it in simple English: “I have been pro-American at various stages of my life, but I have never been and never will be anti-American”.

All my videos are still up there on my Youtube channel and anyone so desirous, can watch them all over again. I have always made it amply clear that I am with ordinary Americans and that only a certain section of American business community is misusing American resources for its’ ill ends. If you have seen all my videos, and if you have read all my write-ups and tweets, you will be well aware of how much and how often I blow the crap out of Indian politicians. Compared to what I say about Indian politicians, what I talk about that certain section of American businessmen is nothing. In fact I have criticized Aussie politics more!

The only truth about me is, “As an ordinary person I only stand for ordinary people, no matter what color, religion, nationality or race they belong to.”

If I know you are doing the right thing, you wouldn’t even know, but I will cover you back to the best of my abilities. But if you do something wrong, then I will be the first person you will run into,  no matter whether you are American, Indian, Aussie, British, Greek or Chinese, or anyone else.

So anyone hoping I will side with them against any country, race or religion, “Mate, take your business someplace else!”


2.    Aussie Music Market:

Over the last two days, another thing being impressed upon me is that my voice will not sell in Aussie market and that, I either need to find another male singer, or auto tune my voice.

Firstly, Auto tune is for those who cannot sing. I used it in my initial songs as I wasn’t confident with my singing, but now that I realize the potential of my instrument (as my vocals teacher Greg always calls the voice box), I would rather expose the shallowness of what is selling in market in the name of music than join the league. I was born to lead, not follow. None of my last four releases had any auto-tuning, neither is “Never let you go” going to have any.

Secondly, I know Australia is not yet ready for me hence I am not counting on Aussie market. To this date I haven’t sent even a single song from my album to any radio station in Australia!

Both my parents, as well as my teachers at “General Gurnam Singh Public School Sangrur” taught me one thing, “Actions speak louder than words!”

What I am, I am! And what I am is for anyone to see, for my actions speak for themselves.

Enjoy Fatal Urge Carefree Kissing Amanpreet Singh Rai..


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