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1/269, Henley Beach Road,
Brooklyn Park (SA)
Australia 5032

Ph: +61 43 023 5589

For fanmail and special requests:

  1. Email: fatalurgecarefreekiss@yahoo.com
  2. Twitter: Peace Love Advice
  3. Facebook: Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss
  4. Youtube: Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss
  5. Youtube: thestrangeruknew
  6. Myspace: Amanpreet Singh Rai


Words of wisdom from readers of this page:

Hey man, As promised, Iím about to rock your world. I lost your email from the other night so hope you donít mind but Iím sending you the info through your site lol. You mentioned it would go right to you anyway which is perfect because I donít want anyone else to see this. I donít normally go out of my way to offer free (and insanely valuable) information like this, but you seem like a guy who will actually use the advice I give you and put it into action. Plus, anyone who can pound 6 consecutive shots of Jager like that without dying is okay in my book haha. Right now dude... everyone else is working 9-5 jobs and hating their lives, but I can see that you want more. You're sick of the day-to-day meaningless monotony. You're tired of struggling and answering to people youíre smarter than. You want the best for yourself and your family. Youíre not part of the mediocre massesóyouíre elite. Youíre a cut above the rest. You want total freedom. Youíre hungryóI like that about yo
2015-12-07 16:19:09

You are a funny guy George, but there's an email address on this page itself. Didn't delete your comment for I appreciate the effort you actually put in writing this.
Amanpreet Singh Rai
2016-03-04 11:03:31

hello i say to u sir this is a mighty blog truly but your coding disciplines is lack and ur website is not fully dynamic ajax coded please contact me sir if u r looking for real IT god skills
2016-09-29 21:45:30

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Andrew Jones
2016-10-19 13:56:29

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Glenn Canady
2016-10-24 02:13:17

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