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“The question is of morality!”

Time for an update:

(8th February, 2012)

For someone who was told by "Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade" that his was a personal issue, for someone who wasn't even responded to by then Prime Minister Mr Kevin Rudd (while he was more than willing to provide legal assistance to Assagne, the wikileaks founder), for someone who was told by UN Human Rights Commissioner that there is nothing his offices could do in US as USA is not a signatory to Human Rights Convention, for someone who never heard from any media or social welfare organisation he contacted, for someone whom no one from Public came forward to help, this "Forensic Expert" did whatever he could within the constrants imposed on him by law, and collected evidence against those who wronged him.

This webpage will not be altered now as it is going to be an important part of testimony in court.

Thanks to everyone who didn't help.

1. Letter to Inspector General LAPD.
2. Letter to CEO LAC-USC.

“I am doing this for my love!!”

I had only two choices: Quit or Fight for my love and equality!!

I have decided, “I will win my love back, not by hook, not by crook, not by force, but just by my hardwork, dedication and true love!!”

Friends, I am creating music, writing novels and scripts in order to prove my worth, make a name for myself and then make her fall in love with me on her own free will!!

Dear friends,

This is my fairy tail gone wrong!!
Once a love story, now an action thriller!!
Mine is the story of an ordinary man who is living only because of his faith in GOD and belief in true love, and how matches are made in heaven!!
Friends, I was only given one option: “Leave the girl or face the music!!”
Friends, I decided, “I would rather get destroyed but not give up on my love!!”
Friends, I decided, “I will get my culprits punished no matter how!!”

So friends, if you want to know how my story unfolded and what I am doing to win my love back, read the following links one by one (Wherever necessary I have provided images of scanned OFFICIAL documents as well as printouts of emails and other correspondence in the form of xps documents. All the documents are real and my story is true story as it has happened.):

1. My story: Following links are not just interesting reading articles but they are the words that drip my love and associated pain that I went through!!
a) My true story.
b)Each and every youtube message I have written to her.

2. The following links will tell you how she used to enjoy when I was suffering in love and how she tried to get rid of me and how she ROBBED me of my dignity and maligned my name forever!!
a) How she used to play with me
b) The filthy hurtful lies she used to malign my name forever
c) My befitting reply to each one of her lies (Presented to LA superior court)

3. It’s a sin being an ordinary man with no financial backup. If you cannot hire a good lawyer, my suggestion, “Don’t ever fall in love!!” Anyway, when I was DENIED justice, I thought the only way to get my dignity back and in the process win HER back is to fight on my own!! But the moment I started my fight there was a bunch of people who were hell bent on stopping me even if they had to destroy me in the process!! The following links will take you through all that those haters or racists (I don’t even know what to call them but they are definitely not human, least of all civilized or educated)!!
a) Victimization: What happened in LA on the 15 Feburary, 2010 and some other subsequent happenings.
b) Racists at work: I call them so as they left no stone unturned to make me shut up and let it go!! Sometimes I wonder if they were trying to kill me by forcing me to commit suicide!!
c) Evidence collected subsequently and in continuity to above link.
d) Cheap tactics: When I tried to contact the newspapers and media organisation in India around the time the US President Barack Obama was visiting, this is what happened after that.

4. Left with no choice friends, I decided to expose everything that was happening and I made everything public on this website. Here is how I exposed her true face to the public:
a) Publicity Monger: She loves controversies and believes controversies can make her career. Perhaps she thought that using me in her game and showing me as a stalker she would get instant news coverage and publicity in both India and Australia.
b) Exposing Dirty Game: I don't think Miss Japan realizes what was done to her, just to promote this girl.

5. Twitter Issues: Meanwhile, if you have gone through all the above links you will realize how important my twitter accounts are. Well, I have lost most of the replies posted to my "PeaceLoveAdvice" account and once I lost more than half of the tweets in my "AmanpreetRai" account, both very important legally.

6. What I have been doing to win my love back:
a) My war for my love and equality: Here's all that I have been doing to win her back as well as win my dignity back.
b) Love Pinoy: A letter of request to the beautiful Filipinos containing two rough scripts of TV serials which I requested them to forward to their favourite TV channels as I was not being able to get through to the channels using telephone from Australia.

Friends, I am sure you all are wondering why on earth then I am going through all this pain to win her back? Two reasons:
Firstly, I believe in GOD and HIS way. And I have faith that she is the one GOD has made for me. Moreover I believe, my love will change her one day.
Secondly, I want to teach those haters a lesson and what better way than marrying the same girl that they all have tried to stop me from marrying. Besides, an example needs to be made of those people as they are not just my culprits but they are the culprits of the whole society. What happened with me, could have happened with anyone.

Friends, at 30 years of age in 2009, I could have never imagined that I can fall in love with a girl so madly as if I was a teenager. At almost 31 years of age in 2010 I never imagined that someone like me who never breaks law, who never harms anyone, will be wronged by those who are supposed to be protecting the interests of law abiding people like me, and the same law will be used in every conceivable way to harass and shut me up.

Anyway friends, I can only do so much as to bring my story to you guys. If you won’t support me I won’t be able to fight this battle. The people I fight are much more rich than me, they have political back ups and all sorts of help avenues, while I am just an ordinary man, as ordinary as anyone like you.

Friends, I am like those ordinary men you see in movies who take up a stand and fight. I am like the Rambo of “First Blood”, Denzel Washington of “Man on fire”, Rocky Balboa of the “Rocky” series and scores of other movies.

I am an ordinary man fighting for his love. I am the “Surinder Sahini” of “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi”, the Anil Kapoor of “Meri Jung”.

Friends, support me in my battle for my love and dignity. Please!!

Take care,
Amanpreet Singh Rai
(Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss)


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