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"The dream weaver!"

There are two science fiction series:
  1. Mishiida Alexander
  2. God of a man

The third series planned next is a fantasy series based in Tolkien Universe, post Tolkien times but still historic in content:
  1. The White Warrior.

Meanwhile, the story of 'Jeanie Johnny',a straight to print Novella is now available for purchase via all leading online book stores (including Amazon), in hard copy only. You can however read its' very first chapter as a teaser here:

Mishiida Alexander
  1. Their story begins Purhase to support the work: Amazon Kindle
    She is strong, sophisticated, stunning and above all, TALLER than him.
    He is happy go lucky, street smart and above all, a HOPELESS ROMANTIC.
    The only problem is:
    She is an ALIEN.
  2. Stalking Shadows Purchase Mishiida Alexander - Stalking Shadows at Amazon.
    When what you had known was far from complete.
    And what you don't know shouldn't have been missed.
    When that unknown starts stalking you.
    At risk then is what you hold dearest to your heart.
    Is their past now catching up with them with a vengeance?
  3. Aiszar Garrison Purhase to support the work: Amazon Kindle
    The end worth living for!

God of a man
  1. The pre-historic future Purhase to support the work: Amazon Kindle
    What would happen if almost the entire humanity was to perish in a nuclear war, and the only place left suitable for the remainder was Antarctica?
    What would happen if life became so tough that the whole mankind lost its faith in God?
    Follow the struggles of one such remaining human population, as it fights for survival in the harsh climes of Antarctica, and then travels across the seas in search of a new home.
  2. Eternity Versus Eternity Purhase to support the work: Amazon Kindle
    When your very existence is under an unknown threat, what will you do?
    Humanity may have survived the greatest extinction scare and found their faith all over again, but this time they have run out of luck, or so it seems.
  3. Infinity Confined Purhase to support the work: Amazon Kindle
    When your future is predictible no further than your next breath, fear becomes the meaning of life.
    From faith to relationships; the stakes have just been raised. Risk is the only thing omnipresent.
  4. Across Two EternitiesPurhase to support the work: Amazon Kindle
    For a humanity on the brink of extinction.
    For a humanity broken and scattered across an alien universe.
    This is it.
    They either make through it now, or they never will.


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