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“The blue-print for a One-Borderless-World, the re-ignition of the evolution of democracy, and equal opportunity for everyone begins here on this page.”

Words to remind yourself every time you breath:
When the battle is between the good and the evil, taking no sides is the same as siding with the evil.

How to navigate this page:
This page provides you with links to various political themed activities that I regularly (or perhaps not so regularly) undertake. These activities include:
  1. Letters to political leaders and administratiors.

  2. Blogs of varying political importance.

  3. Political videos series.

You can click on the links above and navigate through all of the relevant works.

How to understand the meaning of my works:
Most of the videos, blogs and letters are linked to a specific series of events that had happened around the time whent those were written/recorded. However, a lot of them contain ideas and concepts that are meant to be a part of the future society. Some of them are concepts still in their bud stage, some I have elaborated at length.

Also connected in the mix are my twitter feeds, where I often tweet about social, religious and political incidents. It is hard to go through my twitter feeds and find a meaning to a lot of what was written as it would be hard to connect with the situations that probably don't exist anymore, or have changed beyond recognition. If however we have come to a stage where one cannot appreciate the full meaning of what I have written or said previously, it is because the society chose to ignore me. All the people that I contacted via twitter and emails, those whose homes I went knocking, the market where I stood in the middle bearing posters; I am sure they will find a reason for ignoring me, a reason to answer their conscience. But what their in-action has done is; it has given the people at helm an opportunity to cover their slip and modify their strategy. Will you get anything out of this? Yes, peanuts!

Political parties I have started:
In addition to writing lengthy blogs and making boring videos; especially when I was struggling to find one decent barber who would have an idea how to cut my hair, and not make me look like an idiot; I also started two political parties. You can check out their respective declarations by clicking the links below:
  1. For Australia: Always Shine Australia Party (ASAP)
  2. For India: Vijayi Veer Vishesh India Party(VVVIP)

Now I can go on and on, without getting my point across. So it is time for me to leave the rest of the research on you people.

Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss "Amanpreet Singh Rai"


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